Hopi Ear Candling Training Course

Hopi Ear Candling Training

Entry requirements


Course Duration

One Day Practical Training Course

Qualification Obtained

Fully Accredited Hopi Ear Candling Certificate

Course Content

Ear Candling treatment which is also known as Thermal Auricular therapy is the use of ear candles which look like cone shaped long candles which are put in the ear and burned which detox the ear help alleviate various ear, nose and throat conditions and is a very relaxing , soothing non- invasive.

Ear Candling originated in the ancient civilizations of India, china, Tibet and Native American cultures thousands of years ago .The American Hopi Indian tribes used gentle art of ear candles.

All of these cultures utilized ear coning in healing and spiritual purification, and can be seen in some rock painting in Egypt, Greece and Roman Times which were used in ceremonies such as wedding and other happy rituals.

Our training classes run on various dates each month and new classes can be organised with larger bookings at a time to suit you.